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Machine à encapsuler en quatre couleurs entièrement automatique et à découpage (trame)

Informations de base

Modèle:  YD-SYK 1224

Description du produit

Modèle NO .: YD-SYK 1224 Automatique Grade: Automatique Max. Taille de l'alimentation: 1200X2450mm Min. Taille de traitement: 320X650mm Max. Vitesse: 100 feuilles / min Marque: Qisheng Origine: Chine Type: Machine automatique de fabrication de carton Largeur de l'intérieur de la machine: 2600mm Surface d'impression efficace: 1200X2200mm Epaisseur de la plaque: 7.2mm Catalogue: Machine à fabriquer le carton Spécification: YD-SYK 1224 HS Code: 84414000 YD-SYK 1224 Machine à encre et découpage (à fente) à quatre couleurs entièrement automatique
Principaux détails techniques:
Item Unit 1224
Width of the inside of the machine mm 2600
Max. Feeding Size mm 1200x2450
Effective printing area mm 1200x2200
Min. Processing Size mm 320x650
Thickness of plate mm 7.2
Max. Speed Sheets/min 100
Economic Speed Sheets/min 80
Main motor power KW 22
Total power KW 36.34
Chromatically precision mm ±0.5
Die-cutting precision mm ±1.0
Slotting width mm 7
Width of corner cutting mm 50
Slotting precision mm ±1.0
Dimension (mm) L 5500
W 4530
H 2000
Net weight Kg 20000
Pour les besoins techniques, ajustez légèrement la structure du produit sans préavis.

(I) Unité d'alimentation (un groupe)
Item Instruction
1.  Board On-off 1Electric control board on-off with alarm bell, ensure safety for workers.
2Transmission shaft with slip clutch, avoid misuse to damage machine.
3Pneumatic interlocker
4Machine main motor start protection device.
2.  Frontal roller feeding unit 1Feeding with air draft, horsepower of fan 7.5kw,air can be adjustable by the camber of cardboard, ensure feeding successfully.
2Up and down pressing adopt air cylinder, quick-moving and save time.
3Adopt adsorption frontal roller feeding unit.
4Lateral board, backboard all use electric-control; the distance between two pre-boards can adjust synchro manual
5Skip feeding unit(based on need to select)
6The counter shows production quantity and current speed
3.  Feeding roller 1The out-diameter of up feeding roller is Φ 124mm
2Solid steel wrap up abrasive rubber with equilibrium regulating.
3The out-diameter of down feeding roller is Φ 155mm, surface with embossing and chromalizing.
4The gap-dial of feeding rollers can be adjusted by manual, adjusting range 0~12mm
4.  Automatic Zero unit 1Feeding unit ,printing unit and slotting unit all electric automatic zero.
2Generic use automatic zero unit, try to print two sheets can be adjusted to correct size, reduce cardboard waste.
(II) Unité d'impression (quatre couleurs)
Item Instruction
1.        Printing roller
(Plate roller)
1Out diameterΦ390.6mm (including plateΦ405mm)
2Steel tube surface with grinding and chrome plating.
3with equilibrium regulating, steady running
4ratchet wheel fixed lapping shaft
5Full plate with plate trough, be applicable for 10mmx3mm
6Handling printing plate, foot-switch electric control normal-reverse running.
2.        Pressing and printing roller 1Out diameter Φ155mm
2Steel tube surface with grinding and chrome plating
3with equilibrium regulating, steady running
4The gap-dial of pressing and printing rollers can be adjusted by manual, adjusting range 0~12mm
3.        Feeding up and down roller 1Up roller: out diameter Φ96mm thick wall steel tube with four feeding wheels
2Up roller: Out diameter Φ155mm thick wall steel tube, with surface grinding and chrome plating.
3The gap-dial of feeding rollers can be adjusted by manual, adjusting range 0~12mm
4.        Steely netted roller 1Out diameter Φ197mm
2Steel tube with surface grinding, embossing netted and chromalizing.
3with equilibrium regulating, steady running
4screen numbers 200,220,220,250
5act in concert with feeding unit pneumatic automatic lifting device.(Netted roller down moving to touch printing plate when feeding cardboard, netted roller up moving to  separate with printing plate when stop feeding cardboard )
6Netted roller with Kingsbury-type over clutch, easy to ink and cleaning ink quickly
5.        Ceramics Netted roller
1Out diameter Φ197mm
2Steel tube surface wrap up abrasive rubber with equilibrium regulating
3screen numbers 250,280,300,320
4Long life performance
6.        Rubber roller 1Out diameter Φ190mm
2Steel tube surface wrap up abrasive rubber with equilibrium regulating
3better ink-guide result
7.        Phasing unit 1Planetary type gear structure
2Printing phase adopt PLC electric adjustable,360°.(Running and stop all adjustable)
3Electric adjust lateral direction, the distance is 10mm
4Automatic reset when printing after cleaning printing plate
8.        Ink recycling 1Pneumatic surge pump, ink supply steady, easy to operation and maintenance.
2Ink filter, filter out impurities.
3This machine has alarm without ink.
9.        Printing phase fixed device 1Pneumatic brake unit
2When machine board sundering or phasing, brake unit can prevent board moving, keep intrinsic fixed point.
Pour les besoins techniques, ajustez légèrement la structure du produit sans préavis.
(III) Unité de découpe (fente)
No. Item Functions and technical parameters
1 Die-cutting control panel 1.      Electric control die-cutting roller phase, axial moving.
2.      Have emergency stop button
3.      Die-cutting up roller electric control lift
4.      Have stopped feeding button, it could control feeding unit, printing unit and die-cutting unit.
2 Die roller(down) 1.      Adoption high quality steel with fine casting and surface chromeplate treatment.
2.      Dynamic balance amendment, increase running stability.
3.      Die roller left and right lateral shifting ±10mm, electric adjustment.
4.      Die roller circumferential adjustment adopt satellite gear for 360°
5.      Die roller with pneumatic lift, easy to operation, reduce die-cutting times, life-saving
3 Rubber- cushion roller(up) 1.      Adoption high quality steel with fine casting and surface chromeplate treatment.
2.      Dynamic balance amendment, increase running stability.
3.      Electric tension, lateral shifting ±35mm
4.      Be equipped with Taiwan YoLi rubber, easy to change and economy.
4 Phase adjustment device (down roller) 1.      Adopt satellite gear to phase adjustment.
2.      Die-cutting phase adopt electric digital 360°to adjust (Running and stop).Adopt PLC control, touch screen control.
3.      Die-cutting roller axial translation adopt electric adjustment, numeric control show adjustments±10mm,easy to link plate.
5 Speed difference compensation device This function can automatic compensate the line speed of cushion roller after amending, keep die-cutting precision. By the diameter of cushion become small after amending, its line speed become lower, this device can make their speed to the same, then keep every carton for the same size absolutely.
6 Die roller Pneumatic lift Die roller has pneumatic lift device, easy to die-cutting; reduce times, then life-saving.
7 Be equipped with four sets steel tool shelf. Besides traditional die-cutting, it has slotting function. To process plain carton for slotting and corner-cutting. Four knives synchro control, sideslip by hand.
(IV) Unité de piles (une)
Item Instruction
1,  Receive paper arm 1select manual or automatic to operate
2driving belt can be individual adjusted tightness and unacted on their length, easy to adjust, flexible and fast.
2.  Machine lift 1       power chain driving
2       pile height is 1600mm
3       Machine lift motor has brake function to keep fixed position and not glide without control instructions.
4       Add safety protection device, bed lift in the manipulation to ensure operator safety.
5       Plane climbing belt wrinkles, prevent the cardboard slide
3.       Receive paper baffle 1pneumatic control receiving paper baffle, photoelectric control cardboard piling height
2the position of back baffle based on cardboard length by manual adjusted.
Équipement de conducteur
Item Instruction
1/ Main driver gear 1Material: Steel alloy with quenching and tempering treatment after grinding process.
2/ CAPT-LOCKS union link 1Adopting CAPT-LOCKS union link, which can make axis connect with gear seamlessly, when torque without gap, easy to install and maintain and can keep high precision for long time to keep printing quality.
Liste détaillée des moteurs:
Name Origin Specification Quantity
I Feeding Unit
1 main motor Shanghai 22kw 1
2 board open and shut Shanghai 1.5kw   1/60 reducing motor 1
3 side shield adjustment Shanghai 0.18kw  1/60 reducing motor 2
4 back shield adjustment Shanghai 0.18kw  1/60 reducing motor 1
5 adsorption fan motor Shanghai 7.5kw 1
II Printing Unit
1 Phasing adjustment Changzhou 0.18kw  1/30 reducing motor 1/color 4sets
2 rubber roll free play Taiwan 0.75kw  1/40 reducing motor 1/color 4sets
3 roll lateral adjustment Jiangsu 0.18kw  1/60 reducing motor 1/color 4sets
4 netted roll Jiangsu

5 rubber roll Shanghai

III Die-cutting Unit
1 phasing adjustment Zhejiang 0.18kw  1/30 reducing motor 1
2tool roll sideslip Shanghai 0.18kw  1/60 1
3die-cutting amending roll Shanghai 0.2kw   1/200 1
4die-cutting rubber roll lift Shanghai 0.37kw  1/300 1
IV others
1 bearing Haerbin All
2 electrical appliance Snider, Siemens
3 PLC transducer Taiwan Taida All
4 CAPT-LOCKS union link Shanghai All
5 pneumatic one-way surge pump Fujian FuDing All
Remarques: le client a besoin d'un compresseur d'air auto-fourni.

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